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OnGrid Hybrid Inverter with Energy Storage

FlinInfini Lite is an On-Grid Solar Inverter that lets you store energy as well as sell excess power generated via solar back to grid.

With a typical on-grid solar inverter, one cannot use batteries. Batteries are mandatory with FlinInfini Lite model which in turn provides you power during power cuts or during the night. Also, i
f your utility company and state regulations allows you to sell excess power back to the grid, then FlinInfini Lite is your perfect choice. FlinInfini Lite comes with the provision of enabling or disabling net metering. Have excess power generated, sell it back to the utility and save/make money.

These come in 4 variations: FlinInfini Lite 2kW-24V, 4kW-48V, 5kW-48V and three-phase 6kW-48V Smart Hybrid Inverters. Among these, 4kW-48V and 5kW-48V has an added feature of connecting multiple such models in parallel with each other.

Feed-in to Grid + Load + Battery Charging

FlinInfini Lite uses power generated by solar energy to power the load and re-charge the batteries. When excess power is generated, it will feed-in to the grid.

Pay Lower Electricity Bills

FlinInfini Lite with its intelligent features makes sure that the load is powered in a balanced way. It can power the load directly using solar power and re-charge the batteries. In case of unavailability or lower solar radiaton to power the complete load, it will use battery energy to power the load. Grid power will only be used to power the load if battery voltage is low or if there is not enough solar power to power the load completely. This smart load sharing capability allows you to lower your electricity bills.

Battery Backup when AC Fails

During power cuts, FlinInfini Lite will operate like an off-grid inverter. It will directly power the load and re-charge the batteries at the same time. Battery power can then later be used to power the load during night as needed.

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