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Long Lithium Ion Battery Life | 12 hours of back-up | 2 x USB charging ports

FlinMini Express is a compact light weight solar lighting solution, perfect for small home lighting, rural lighting, camping, street vendors, and emergency lighting. FlinMini Express is one of the most economical & high quality solar solution available in India. This portable mini solar package includes a 3W Solar Panel, 2 x LED bulbs, 1 x Powerpack with built-in LED light & Lithium-ion battery (4400mAH).

Special Features

Built-in Battery Bank & Run time
Highly efficient built-in Lithium-ion battery bank with 4400mAH rating makes this solar lighting kit stand out from others!
For eg. you can brighten a room for 12 hours with 1 LED bulb and for 6 hours with 2 x LED bulbs. Built-in mini LED light in Powerpack can also run for 12 hours using this battery bank.

Solar Panel Expansion
Kit comes with high quality 1 x 3W solar panel with smooth round edges. For faster charging, you can connect an additional 3W solar panel to Powerpack.

2 USB Mobile Charging Ports
You can use these ports to charge two mobile phones. You can use these ports to re-charge the battery bank directly via grid power in less than 4 hours.

Powerpack Multiple Controls & Indicators
For better energy efficiency, there are separate controls to power 2 LED bulbs. Several light indicators makes it easy to track load changes, battery power etc.

Light Weight

Powerpack is so light and small that you can carry it along with you in your pocket. Go solar anywhere!

Multiple Mounting Options
Solar panel comes with built-in special mounting structure that can either be mounted on the floor or hung on the wall. Similarly, you have multiple ways to mount the Powerpack be it on the wall or on a side table or hang it around your neck.

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