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High Efficiency | Pure Sine Wave | MPPT Solar Charge Controller

FlinSlim MPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter is almost same as our popular FlinSlim Solar Inverter, except that this model comes with an in-built high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller. Just like FlinSlim inverters, FlinSlim MPPT inverters can also power the house load directly from solar power without using battery power or grid power. This mechanism helps greatly in increasing the efficiency of the solution and reducing costs.

FlinSlim MPPT inverters are easy to install, highly efficient and have a sleek artistic design. The auto-features make sure that the inverter automatically switches to solar & battery mode as soon as there is a power cut, while during the day time solar powers your home load to provide you maximum savings.

FlinSlim MPPT Solar Hybrid Inverters are particularly suitable for locations where there is low solar irradiation. For such locations, FlinSlim MPPT inverters can generate up to 30% more power than our standard FlinSlim Solar Hybrid Inverters.

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Special Features

  • Power-factor 1

  • Pure sine wave inverter with 93% peak efficiency

  • In-built MPPT solar charge controller

  • Generates 25-30% more power than our standard PWM model

  • Advanced monitoring software included

  • Selectable input voltage range based on appliances

  • Auto restart function and cold start functions

  • Overload and short circuit protection

  • Connect up to 9 inverters in parallel (for 5kVA)

  • Compatible with mains voltage and generator power

  • Advanced charging algorithm for improved battery performance


FlinSlim MPPT is designed to offer great flexibility in user operation. Inbuilt LCD screen and menu buttons allow you to customize voltage range, charging priority and battery charging current. You can also view operating status and power information on the LCD screen.

Solar Enabled

FlinSlim MPPT makes going solar easy! You can connect the solar panels directly to the inverter and the inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller will let you generate free power from solar energy! Intelligent system automatically gives priority to solar power over grid power.

Slim Design

Flinslim MPPT has been designed keeping aesthetics in view. Flinslim 5kVA has a depth of just 120 mm and can be easily mounted on the wall. Included comprehensive manual makes the installation super easy!

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