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Up-to 54 kW of PV capacity | USB Connection  | Built-in MPPT charge controllers

Flin Energy introduces upgraded range of FlinSlim MPPT Solar Hybrid Inverters. These are ideal for people with heavy motor loads like air conditioners, water pumps, etc. or face long hours of power cuts. With bigger size of solar array capacity, these high efficiency inverters allow you run all your load on solar.

These high efficiency solar inverters come with two built-in MPPT solar charge controllers in Dual model and three built-in MPPT solar charge controllers in Trio model. This assures maximum solar power generation during the day, thus allowing you to save more on your electricity bills or go completely off-grid. You can connect multiple such inverters in parallel to go up-to a maximum inverter load of 30kVA and solar panel capacity of 54kW thus allowing you to power your home, office or a farm completely on solar power.

FlinSlim line of inverters are different from the traditional solar inverters available in the market. Traditional solar inverters use solar power to charge the batteries and then the batteries power the load. FlinSlim inverters are one of the few solar inverters that can power the load directly from solar power without using the battery power or grid power. This mechanism helps greatly in increasing the efficiency of the solar solution and reducing costs.

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Special Features

  • Pure sine wave inverter with up-to 93% peak efficiency

  • Built-in double (dual model) or triple MPPT solar charge controllers (trio model)

  • Generates 25-30% more power than our FlinSlim PWM model

  • Double surge power capacity

  • Wide battery input range

  • Advanced monitoring software included

  • Selectable input voltage range based on appliances

  • Auto restart function and cold start functions

  • Overload and short circuit protection

  • USB and / or RS232 communication ports

  • Advanced battery charger for improved battery performance

  • Connect up-to 30kVA of load and maximum of 54kW of solar panels with 5kVA model

Powerful Solar Advantage

There are 2 PV inputs in Dual model and 3 PV inputs in Trio model where in each PV input performs independently. Due to independent and multiple PV inputs in these models, you can now connect set of panels affected by shade to one PV input and remaining set of panels to another PV input etc. Thus generating maximum power independently and receiving maximum output.


FlinSlim series of inverters are designed to offer great flexibility in user operation. Inbuilt LCD screen and menu buttons allow you to customize voltage range, charging priority and battery charging current. You can also view operating status and power information on the LCD screen.

Slim Design

Flinslim Dual model has been designed keeping aesthetics in view. Flinslim Dual 3kVA-24V has a depth of just 124 mm (4.8 inches) and can be easily mounted on the wall. Included detailed manual makes the installation super easy. Contact us or our partners today and go solar!

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