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Built-in AVR | Desktop or Wall Mountable | 6kVA Surge Power

FlinSlim Edge is one of the few solar inverters in the world that come with built-in AVR. This model also comes with all other functionality of our FlinSlim solar inverters. FlinSlim Edge is ideal for household and offices that face large number of power cuts or voltage fluctuations. For a price of one product, now you can get three products all packaged into an edgy modern look: Inverter, AVR and a Solar Charge Controller.

FlinSlim line of inverters are different from the traditional solar inverters available in the market. Traditional solar inverters use solar power to charge the batteries and then the batteries power the load. FlinSlim inverters are one of the few solar inverters that can power the load directly from solar power without using the battery power or grid power. This mechanism helps greatly in increasing the efficiency of the solar solution and reducing costs. Edgy design that allows the inverter to be wall mounted or be kept on a shelf is a bonus feature.

Special Features

  • Built-in AVR

  • Desktop or Wall Mountable

  • Sine wave inverter with up-to 90% peak efficiency

  • Double surge power capacity

  • Wide battery input range

  • Advanced monitoring software included

  • Selectable input voltage range based on appliances

  • Auto restart function and cold start functions

  • Overload and short circuit protection

  • Connect up-to 6 inverters in parallel in 5kW model

  • Three phase connection possible using parallel connections

  • Advanced battery charger for improved battery performanceanels


FlinSlim Edge is designed to offer great flexibility in user operation. Inbuilt LCD screen and menu buttons allow you to customize voltage range, charging priority and battery charging current. You can also view operating status and power information on the LCD screen.

Solar Enabled

FlinSlim Edge makes going solar easy! You can connect the solar panels directly to the inverter. With built-in solar charge controller and AVR lets you easily generate free power from solar energy! Intelligent system automatically gives priority to solar power over grid power.

Slim Design

Flinslim has been designed keeping aesthetics in view. Flinslim Edge 3kVA-24V model has a depth of just 98 mm and can be easily mounted on the wall or place it on a shelf. Included detailed manual makes the installation super easy. Contact us or our partners today and go solar!

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