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Flin Energy Solar Products

Complete Solar Solutions
Solar Panels, Solar Inverter & Solar Accessories

Complete solar power kit that you or your good electrician can quickly install. Each FlinKit comes with MNRE approved high quality solar panels, FlinSlim PWM / MPPT solar inverters, solar accessories required for installation along with detailed installation manual & free remote support.

We offer a range of FlinKits for you to choose from 750W to 9600W (or higher). Request a free quote to have a friendly solar expert suggest you a suitable solar solution.

Solar Inverters
Off-Grid | Grid-Tie | On Grid with Battery Backup

We offer a variety of high efficiency smart solar inverters with slim designs:

Off-grid / Hybrid Solar Inverters

FlinSlim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter
FlinSlim MPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter
FlinSlim Dual & Trio MPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter

FlinSlim Ultimate Solar Inverter
FlinFuzion Solar Hybrid Inverter

Grid-tie Solar Inverter with battery backup option
FlinInfini Lite Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter
FlinInfini Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter

To see which solar inverter is suitable for your home, please complete our Residential Solar Form

FlinFlow Solar Pump Inverter
High Efficiency | Customizable | Built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Now power your three-phase regular AC water pumps on solar power without any batteries. Similar to FlinSlim solar inverter, FlinFlow Solar Pump Inverter offers great flexibility in user operation. You can view operating status and power information on built-in LED screen.
Click here for more details.

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
High effiiency MPPT solar charge controller

Flin Energy offers a variety of high efficiency MPPT solar charge controllers. Built-in intelligent MPPT algorithm & peak efficiency of up to 98% allows our charge controllers to extract maximum power from solar arrays.

Contact us
today with your requirement and we will get back to you with a suitable charge controller for your solar project.

Solar Accessories
High Quality FEEO Solar Accessories

Flin Energy partners with FEEO and offers a variety of high quality solar accessories necessary for any good solar installation.
Contact us today with your requirement and we will get back to you with single or bulk pricing along for your off-grid / on-grid / hybrid solar project.

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